General check list

О Flight ticket

О Immunization card


О Money

You can change cash (Euro (€) and US Dollar ($)) already in Dalaguete. The Euro is well accepted, it is not necessary to change money in advance. The next ATM is in Carcar (45 minutes drive vom Alcoy, 2 hours from Cebu City).

О Medication

Individual – everybody should bring a small first-aid kit.

О Passport

Your passport has to be valid at least six more month after you leave the Philippines. It might be necessary to apply for a visa in advance if you plan a trip for more than 21 days.

О Copies

Flight tickets, immunization card, passport, travel voucher of the Dive Point, and any other important documents. This is for your own safety and is not to heavy. You can’t just apply for a new passport somewhere “around the corner” – if you compare it with Europe, you are on the other side of the world.

О Battaries

О Cameras and loading facilities

О Sun glasses

О Mobile Phones

О Adapters

European Standard to US Norm.

О Mosquito repellent

Autan or other brands. You can also buy good mosquito repellents on the Philippines.

О Sun blocker

Please use a strong sun protection factor. Important!!

О Torch

Blackouts are seldom nowadays, but all the streets and ways are not always well lit.

О Warm clothes/ good shoes

It might be cold inside the airplane because of the air condition. Better use a sweat shirt and a long trousers for the trip. Once you leave the airport you can store the sweat shirt inside your hand luggage. Good shoes are necessary for a land trip.

О Airport terminal fee

Please notice that the airport charges a terminal fee of 550 PHP right before your flight back home. Please inform yourself about the right amount of money you need to pay shortly before your trip back home. It is always better to bring 200 PHP more to the airport.

General check list as PDF (in German)