Check list for divers

О Brevet

О Log book

О Diving medical examination

Not older than one year. It is not mandatory by law, but we prefer a safe way of diving.

О Ear drops

Ear drops or a similar medication. Please ask a physican at least three weeks in advance your journey to have a look inside your ears. He might perhaps prescribe the ear drops Otobacid as a precaution. It is always important to keep your auditory canal smooth. Mostly it is enough to clean your ears after every dive with warm (not hot) drinking water and to use one drop of olive oil in the evening. Some divers are more sensitive than other. But it is always sad to see someone who is not allowed to dive during the dive holidays.

О Dive equipment

Own equipmentRent-equipmentAvailable at the Dive Point Alcoy
Adapter DIN / INTx
Wet suit 3 – 5mmx
Regulator (with octopus and finimeter)x
Dive knife
Dive computer (computers are mandatory on our trips!)x
UW camera
UW video
UW torchx

check list for divers as PDF (in German)