Divepoint Alcoy not affected by the earthquake

Dear friends,

you possibly heard and saw much about the earthquake on October 15. 2013.

Many of you already contacted us about this to ask if we are OK.

The center of the earthquake was located under Bohol. There were damages and casualties as well as in Cebu City and partially along the eastern coastline of Cebu.

Here in the Divepoint Alcoy we had no damages and nobody was hurt.

Also our boats had no problems. The “Seahorse” was just near Bohol when the earthquake happened.

The guests on board felt the shaking but only 2 hours after that still had very nice dives near Cabilao, still not knowing how strong the earthquake had been on Bohol.

We were very lucky on that day and do not expect something like that again around here for a long time.

So in the end let us take some time to think about the people who lost relatives and friends or their homes.

Maybe some of you will be able to find ways to help them.

Divepoint Alcoy